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Cannabinoid Connect

Jan 24, 2023

Amy Deneson, Co-Founder of the Cannabis Media Council, a trade organization committed to leveraging the power of mainstream advertising to uplift positive experiences with cannabis and normalize consumption in order to foster consumer consideration and category growth.

In prior leadership roles, Amy joined Curaleaf in 2018 to direct marketing and sales, and, over the course of two years, led the company to dominant market share in New York. Before venturing in cannabis, Amy held marketing leadership roles at Akamai Technologies, GLSEN, and umbrage editions. Amy is an advocate, speaker, and writer. She lives in New York City.

For over 15 years, Amy has empowered status quo busting enterprises to succeed in the arts, technology, and cannabis. Amy is committed to creating a truly inclusive, equitable, sustainable cannabis industry by valuing the triple bottom line of enriching profits, people, and our planet.