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Cannabinoid Connect

Mar 1, 2023

Peter Su is the Senior Vice President at Green Check Verified, the top cannabis banking compliance software/consultancy in the space. A long time banker, Peter has spent 20+ years in finance with stops at HSBC, Signature, Dime and East West. He has spearheaded two separate cannabis banking programs and in his current role at Green Check is responsible for the growth of over 120 cannabis banking programs all over the country. Peter is an active member of the cannabis community, as he currently chairs the Banking and Financial Services Committee for the NYCCIA & HVCIA. Peter is also Vice Chair and founding member of the cannabis banking committee for ASTM Int'l. He is an advisor for Minority Cannabis Academy. And, he is on the board of the Asian Cannabis Roundtable, serving as treasurer. Additionally, he writes for Rolling Stone Cannabis Culture Council.