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Cannabinoid Connect

Mar 20, 2024

Join Kevin Carrillo on Cannabinoid Connect for an enlightening conversation with Amanda Reiman, Chief Knowledge Officer at New Frontier Data. With a career spanning over two decades in the cannabis industry, Amanda shares her invaluable insights into the latest consumer trends, the importance of data in understanding market dynamics, and the evolving landscape of cannabis products focusing on health and wellness.

In this episode, we dive deep into:

  • The changing demographics of cannabis consumers and what it means for the industry.
  • The surge in health and wellness-oriented cannabis products.
  • The role of comprehensive data in navigating consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Future predictions for the cannabis industry based on current data insights.

Amanda's expertise offers a unique perspective on how businesses can adapt to the shifting demands of the cannabis market, emphasizing the need for data-driven strategies in product development and marketing. Whether you're a cannabis industry professional, investor, or enthusiast, this discussion provides critical insights into the future of cannabis innovation and consumer preferences.

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